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L’accroche du site Freemasonry Universal ( est séduisante puisque ce site se déclare the number one online resource for Freemasons, and information on Freemasonry. Il est structuré autour de 6 rubriques (A propos de la Franc-Maçonnerie, Nouvelles, Réseau, Shopping maçonnique, Communauté maçonnique, Projets). Dommage que la plupart des pages de la ressource en ligne n°1 pour les Francs-Maçons n’affichent le plus souvent que Comming soon (« prochainement »).

mercredi 17 septembre 2008
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    Freemasonry Universal
    4 novembre 2008 à 12:01 / Répondre

    The site was put on hold due to my wife falling pregnant, at with it being our first child all my spare time revolved around that.

    We have re-designed the Freemasonry Universal site to accomodate an easier structure and information is being added daily. Once the basic information is loaded, which is nearly completed, we will as originally intended start to upload more geographically specific information plus submitted personal opinions of Freemasons. You will see over coming weeks a link list added to the right hand side of each of the Freemasonry pages which will denote specific countries, once this is up I will be looking for assistance in gathering information specific to Freemasonry in those countries, you are quite welcome to help.

    We are currently filling out the « Alternate Freemasonry » section, for which invitations have been sent to half a dozen orders to give them opportunity to submit their details. Once complete another six orders will be invited to submit their details, so on and so forth.

    You may also note on the new design we have a « Portal » section, this is intended to be a link library for masonic sites. Feel free to submit your blog address to the relevant section.

    I take on board the comments made here, and thank you for dropping by the site. I apologise it appeared as if the site had faltered, if you return to the site now and view the either the latest news on the front page (on the right) or click through to the news & media page, you will be provided with the reasons behind it.

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    17 septembre 2008 à 13:57 / Répondre

    …et qu’on ne peut même plus s’inscrire…

    « Join us » is already gone …

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